Some Interesting Ice History

I thought it would be interesting to show some websites with history of the ice industry.

If you have any historical articles, links to web sites, pictures – send ’em in and I will include them.

Missouri Valley Ice Manufacturers Association

Ice Truck
Abandoned Ice Wagon
Two Women
Delivery with children
Ice Harvesting

Old Farm Equipment-Tractors-Engines

Blog by Melissa Milner

Link:  American Phenomenon

Old Farm Blog
Cool History

Surprisingly Cool History of Ice

by Linda Rodrigguez McRobbie

Link:  Cool History of Ice

Peninsula Ice – Ice History

Link:  Peninsula Ice

Cool History


Help strengthen the industry

Bi-Annual Meetings

Educational Seminars

News Publication

Insurance Programs

Trade Show providing newest products and technology

Networking among peers and suppliers

Annual College Scholarship

Scott Currie - Bags, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK 800-622-2470

Vice President:
Jeff Messerschmitt - Messerchmitt Ice
Ottumwa, IA - 641-684-6207

Jerry Burns - J & K Delta Ice
W Memphis, AR - 870-735-1352

Tom Howat - Modern Ice
St. Peters, MO 800-235-9088

Immediate Past President:
Bob Moelter - American Ice Co
Eau Claire, WI 715-834-9236


2015- 2020
Tommy Sedler - Home City Ice
Cincinnati, OH -- 513-574-1800

John Whitmer - Vogt Ice
Louisville, KY -- 800-853-8648

2014 - 2019
Saad Abbo -  U.S. Ice Corporation
Detroit, MI -- 313-862-3344

Brett Beeksma - Arctic Ice LLC
Ashland, WI -- 715-682-5108

2013 - 2018
Laron Hilke - Hilke's Ice Co
Freeburg, MO - 573-744-5500

Walter Berry - Berry's Arctic Ice
Topeka, KS - 785-357-4466



2012 - 2017
Jeff Tyler - Tyler's Super Quality Ice
Tyler, TX -- 903-597-8245

Shawn Messmore - Modern Ice
Cincinnati, OH -- 800-543-1581

Supplier Representative

2016 - 2017
Charlotte Maginnis - Leer, Inc
New Lisbon, WI - 815-505-1342